Data Scientist Resume Examples to Inspire You

Data Scientist Resume Examples to Inspire You

The data scientist job is one of the most exponentially growing jobs today. In the past decade, the need for data science and data scientists has increased tremendously as companies realize the importance of big data. That has led to an influx of aspiring data scientists with little to no idea about the industry. However, the first step to getting into the industry is to have a great data scientist resume.

Whether you have a data science degree, data science certification, or have been going at it from the self-taught angle; you still need a proper resume to get a data science job.

Regardless of how the industry is at any point, organizations and hiring managers still consider a resume to be important when hiring someone.

Your job is to create a killer data scientist resume that makes your recruiter call you back.

Hence, in this article, we’ll go over some data scientist resume examples and best practices for inspiration.

Let’s get started.

Top Sources to Get Data Scientist Resume Templates & Examples

The data scientist role is an extremely data-heavy and technical role. That means you need to showcase your skills, experience, and background in a concise yet easy way on your resume.

The average time any recruiter takes while considering a resume is around 7.4 seconds. That small amount of time is all you have to impress the person on the other side. Keep in mind that recruiters and hiring managers are usually given mandates for approving or disproving CVs.

Therefore, it’s also important to research a bit on that criteria. However, the secret is to develop a resume that is passed by the recruiter and then also goes on to impress the department head or whoever is going to take your interview.

That can be pretty tricky, considering you might have to compromise a bit. However, there are a few data scientist resume examples and templates you can check out that tend to work in this situation.

Here are five platforms you should definitely give a shot to.

1.     Novorésumé

The first on our list is Novorésumé – a unique online resume-building tool that has grown into a massive platform that offers all resume and cover letter-related services.

When the company first started, it got famous because of its unique approach to resumes. They introduced creative and custom-made resumes that you can design and download online.

One of their key examples was how Elon Musk’s resume could be limited to only one page; it was their vision to show people that a kickass resume doesn’t need to be super long; it just needs to be creatively written and designed.

That’s one of the reasons Novorésumé grew so quickly. A lot of people flocked to the site to customize their resumes using one of their many templates. It also paved the way for a lot of other resume-building services.

Coming to the data scientist resume examples on the site, you’ll find several examples, templates, and a complete guide on their website.

One of the most popular data scientist resume templates is a column-based resume. Most of the templates on the site follow a variation of that style.

On the top, you have the picture, name, current job role, and a small summary. That’s followed by the contact information. Then, you have the rest of the information in two columns. Usually, there’s work experience on one side and the skills, educational background, certificates, and other information on the other side.

Furthermore, you can also find a complete guide on how to format a data scientist resume on the side, including how to write and display your information in various sections.

You can also check out the sample data scientist cover letters because a lot of organizations tend to ask for them.

Check out data scientist resumes on Novorésumé here.

2.     Indeed

Second, on the list is Indeed – one of the largest online job platforms. They also offer a ton of resources for people, including things like salary information, benefits information, resume samples, cover letter samples, and much more.

Indeed provides super-detailed templates and information on all kinds of things. For the data scientist job, you’ll find tons of resources like guides, best practices, industry-specific knowledge, and much more.

All the resume samples on Indeed are usually pretty simple and straightforward. They’re not necessarily creativity-heavy because they focus on getting people to do it right first. That’s why you’ll find simple one-page resumes in black and white. The only focus is on the formatting of the page.

The good thing is that Indeed provides a resume review option. You can request a resume review where you will be uploading your resume, and it will be reviewed by Indeed’s resume experts. You’ll get the appropriate feedback, along with helpful tips on how you can make it even better.

Other than that, you’ll find a complete resume writing guide below the first sample. It includes everything from the different sections to how each section should be structured and developed.

You’ll also find tons of examples of what you should add in each section, including advice on things like what certifications you should go for, what skills you should focus on, and more.

One great option Indeed has that it provides you with industry-specific power words. That’s why you’ll find a ton of data science action verbs and words you can use in the resume.

In the end, you’ll find additional data science resume samples and templates. You can also find resume samples for similar jobs like for a data analyst.

Check out data science resume examples on Indeed here.

3.     Enhancv

Next on the list is Enhancv – a world-class resume builder that’s designed to help people highlight their achievements, experiences, and skills in a fun and creative way.

Usually, the company offers a complete guide for every job. The guide includes everything, including resume samples, cover letter examples, best practices, tips, and much more.

The initial example is a pretty basic yet widely acceptable example. It is the ideal resume template that works for all kinds of jobs, including the data scientist job.

It starts with the name, along with a title, such as Senior Data Scientist. That’s followed by the contact information. After that, Enhancv adds a section for key accomplishments. You won’t see that in most resumes, but it’s actually a pretty great idea, especially for a data scientist.

You can effectively list down and talk about things you’re proud of in your career. This gives the recruiter a chance to quickly glance at your key accomplishments, especially considering they spend around seven seconds looking at your resume.

Moving on, the next sections are work experience, education, and ‘Tech Stack.’ Tech Stack is a fancy name for all your technical skills. Here, you can list all the programming languages you know, such as Python, SQL, Java, R, and more. You can also list software and tools you’re familiar with, including things like Microsoft Excel, Hadoop, Tableau, MongoDB, SPSS, and more.

If you’re looking to go into detail, you could also add any experience with things like Spark.

You’ll find plenty of other resume samples and templates below. And, you’ll find a complete guide to writing the best resume for your next data science job.

If you want to check out data science resume examples on Enhancv, you can go here.

4.     JobHero

Moving on, the fourth on the list is JobHero – a special and uniquely designed recruitment platform that offers several super-helpful tools, templates, and advice to aspiring job seekers.

You can find job overviews, job descriptions, resume objectives, templates, and more on the site. Basically, it’s a one-in-all site for anyone looking to make their next big career move.

There are more than ten templates and data scientist resume examples you can look through. Meanwhile, you can also check out their data scientist cover letter samples and their ultimate resume format guide.

The initial resume sample on the site is the basic one that Job Hero has for all kinds of jobs. It’s divided into four sections visually with one box for the name and contact details. Another is for the professional summary, one is for the work history, and the last is for skills and education.

Perhaps the best part about JobHero is that it gives you an option to edit the sample resume right there. Moreover, you can copy entire sections from the sample resumes and paste them into your resume if you’re building it on another platform.

You’ll find extremely detailed resume samples for different kinds of candidates within an industry and job title. For example, you can check out a data scientist resume of someone with two years of experience, 11 months at their current jobs, a Bachelor’s degree in economics, and a Master’s of Arts. This particular person’s current title is Associate Data Scientist because they’re still kind of new to the industry.

Similarly, you can check out the resumes of other sample profiles. This provides data scientists of all kinds to develop resumes based on the industry standard.

If you want to check out JobHero’s data scientist resume examples, you can go here.

5.     Resume Lab

The last one on our list is Resume Lab – a platform that offers information and services related to resumes, CVs, and cover letters, along with career advice and job search functionality.

You’ll find plenty of resources for multiple industries and job titles on the site. For data scientists, they have several examples, along with a guide on the correct way of writing resumes (with more than 25 tips).

Their sample resumes are relatively simple and easy to manage. It’s divided into two sections, with the left section for the name, title, personal information, and a skills guide. The right section has the resume summary, work experience, education, and certificates.

You can directly start editing the resume sample or start creating your own. You’ll be redirected to their online resume builder, where you will choose a template, create your online resume, and then save it. The site gives you the option of downloading and printing the resume directly.

Furthermore, you can also find a data scientist resume sample that you can copy, adjust, and just start using.

You’ll find complete and detailed instructions on how to develop your resume online. There are detailed steps for each section of the resume, along with best practices that you can follow.

Additionally, they provide a lot of examples of what’s good and what’s bad in a resume. The aim is to help you develop a resume that is, for all intents and purposes, flawless.

In the end, you’ll find helpful articles related to resume writing, job applications, and other stuff that can be super useful. You’ll also find resume examples for related jobs like data analysts, data engineers, computer science professionals, and more.

If you’re interested in checking out Resume Lab for data scientist resume examples, you can do so here.

Writing a High-Converting Data Scientist Resume

You can take inspiration from the sources listed above to get an idea about what the industry expects in a data scientist resume. However, you still need to write it according to yourself.

The first thing you should focus on is the format. Your resume should be formatted for easy accessibility, readability, and skimming. That means if someone spends ten seconds on your resume, they should be able to learn about your competencies, achievements, and outstanding skills in that amount of time. And, to do that, you need good formatting.

Moving on, here’s a step-by-step and section-wise breakdown to help you write each section effectively.

Data Scientist Resume Header

The header of any resume is most likely the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will look at. That means everything in the header will make an impact on whether the recruiter wants to spend an extra five to ten seconds on your resume or not.

Therefore, if you have an unprofessional photo in the header, you’re off to a bad start. The same goes for an unprofessional email.

However, since the header plays a major role in whether someone would continue to review your resume or not, it also makes it extremely important to get it right. It’s your one chance to quickly impress the recruiter or, at the very least, make them continue.

Here are a few things you should have in the header of your data scientist resume.

  • Your legal name, as seen on all legal documents.
  • Current title (for example, entry-level data scientist)
  • Contact information, including phone number, email, location, and any other means.
  • A link to your data science project portfolio, such as a GitHub link.
  • You can also add a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Make sure you continuously update this information in case of any changes.

Data Scientist Resume Summary

Your resume objective or summary is a comprehensive one-paragraph condensation of you, your story, and your professional experience.

It’s much more relevant if you’re in the early parts of your career because you can use it to talk about your aspirations, expectations, and goals. For experienced individuals, it’s a quick way of talking about your achievements.

However, keep in mind that this part can’t be boilerplate stuff. People look for personalization, statistics, and results, and that’s exactly what you need to give them.

Here’s a three-step example of how you can write your resume summary.

  1. Talk about your passion and where you’re focusing it.
  2. Provide a number-based example of how you used your skills to work on that passion.
  3. Mention the results in a story-based manner and how they helped you move towards your goals and passion.

Do not use bullet points in the summary; use one paragraph with as much as three to four lines at max.

Data Scientist Resume Experience Section

If you’ve nailed your header and summary, that means the recruiter is at the most important part of your resume; your work experience. This section isn’t about all your years of experience; it’s about what experience you have, what did you do, and how you managed to turn it into growth, both personal and professional.

Here are a few tips on how to structure your work experience section.

  • Since keeping it concise is key, you should only include major experience and relevant positions. You can’t add that ‘Chief Data Maestro’ job title you had for two months at some startup. Unless you’re absolutely sure about how the recruiters, hiring managers, and execs at a company function, you should follow the standard.
  • Your professional experience gets better with time, and that’s why you should mention recent positions first.
  • Each position you had shouldn’t just be a standalone item; you need to provide details on what you did, what you achieved, and how you did it. As a data scientist, talk about the data sets you worked with, what data sources you’ve used, what business problems you solved, and more. Other than that, mention data visualization techniques that you’ve used, machine learning models you developed, what algorithms you used, how you leveraged data analytics, metrics, and real-world examples.
  • It would also help if you could tie in your technical skills and soft skills with your experience. For example, how you used regression, data modeling, data analysis, data mining, and communication skills to achieve something.
  • Lastly, mention any real-time experience you have, including ongoing projects.

If you’re completely new, get an idea of how to become a data scientist. You’ll learn that you can add your data scientist portfolio and projects, internships, and side projects instead.

Data Scientist Resume Education Section

The education section is different for everyone considering that many people learn data science through online courses, certifications, and seminars these days. However, no matter how you learned data science, the following is should be added in this section, whatever is relevant to you.

  • If you have a data science degree or a degree in a related field. Mention the university, your major, any significant projects you worked on, and talk about any research you did.
  • Previous education, including your GPA and the results of any additional exams you’ve given, such as the SAT.
  • Any recognized courses you’ve completed.
  • Additional educational awards you’ve received.
  • Extra-curricular activities, such as being part of a computer science society, for example.

If you have a PhD, you should mostly talk about your research and its results.

Data Scientist Resume Skills Section

This section of your resume is dedicated to all technical and soft skills you have. There are some basic and fundamental skills all data scientists should have, and you should mention those, along with how proficient you are in them.

Some must-have skills include:

  • Programming languages like Python, C, and Java.
  • Tool-based skills in SPSS, SAS, and R.
  • Understanding of software like Hadoop, Tableau, MongoDB, and Hive.
  • Understanding of mining tools like KNIME and Rapid Miner.
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work with teams and adapt to dynamic environments.
  • Understanding of key business principles.

It’s best to only mention the skill and your proficiency level, where relevant.

Additional Sections in Your Data Scientist Resume

All resume formats have the sections listed above, but as a data scientist, you might want to add some additional sections to make your job search easier.

Here are a few sections and things you should also add.

  • Your certifications, including any paid and free certifications you’ve completed.
  • Any publications you’ve had, whether it’s local or international.
  • Additional skills you might have, such as marketing, web development, or any other such skill that business can utilize.

It would help strengthen your position, considering that your resume interests the recruiter.

Developing a Great Data Scientist Resume

Resume writing isn’t hard, but it will get complicated if you’re looking to create the perfect resume. There’s no such thing as a perfect resume. However, there is a thing called being the perfect fit for a job.

That’s why it’s crucial to research the companies and organizations you’re applying to and make appropriate changes to adhere to their style.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a data analyst resume or a data science resume; you need to understand where you’re applying.

Therefore, try to research the organizations, read up on people’s reviews, and get an idea of how to proceed. Then develop your data scientist resume according to the organization while making sure you add all the relevant information we’ve talked about above. Then, nail that interview and get your dream data scientist job.

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